Appraisal Well

Definition - What does Appraisal Well mean?

An Appraisal Well is a vertical or deviated well that is drilled so as to understand the potential of a hydrocarbon reservoir before commercial production of oil from a well can commence. The drilling of this well is an important part of the exploration and production activities of an organization. In the chronology of asset development program, appraisal drilling in performed before starting the commercial production.

Petropedia explains Appraisal Well

During field appraisal programs, appraisal wells are drilled in order to ensure that the discoveries made during exploration field have enough hydrocarbons that can last long and give an economic appreciation to the organization findings. Once the appraisal wells are drilled they provide information such as physical extent of hydrocarbons, likely production rate from the field, flow of fluids and volume of fluids, etc.

In any asset development program, there are certain procedural steps that follow one another. Below are the phases in chronological order of the asset development:

  • Exploration
  • Field Appraisal
  • Field Development
  • Production
  • Field Abandonment
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