Aneroid Barometer

Definition - What does Aneroid Barometer mean?

An Aneroid Barometer is a pressure measuring instrument that does not use any type of liquid. It was first developed in 1844 and it makes use of a small and flexible metal box made up of an alloy of beryllium and copper known as capsule or aneroid cell. This capsule is prevented by a strong spring from collapsing.

Petropedia explains Aneroid Barometer

A barometer is basically an instrument which is used to measure the atmospheric pressure. In an Aneroid Barometer, a very small change in the atmospheric pressure causes the aneroid cell or the capsule to contract or expand. This contraction and expansion phenomenon drives the mechanical levers in such a way that the small movements of the cell or the capsule are amplified and displayed on the Aneroid Barometer face. This type of barometer is predominantly used in homes, crude oil and LNG carrying vessels, other boats, and as well as in small aircrafts. It is also used for preparing barographs.

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