Anchor Buoy

Definition - What does Anchor Buoy mean?

An Anchor Buoy is a device that is used in the marine industry to anchor ships, crude carriers, VLCCs, ULCCs and other types of marine vehicles at certain kilometers away from the jetty. The device which floats in the sea is connected to an anchor which is tied at the seafloor. It is made up of steel and plastic materials and can be of various sizes.

Petropedia explains Anchor Buoy

An anchor buoy is a part of a mooring system which is used as a mooring tie off for boats. It can be as large as a SUV or as small as a plastic bottle. Based on the size of the marine vessels they are meant to tie, their size varies. These buoys are colored with florescent colors which help ship pilots to see them from far distances. They are most of the times present at a certain distance away from a jetty, which is located at the loading or unloading ports.

As the large ships need larger water depths, so that their hulls do not come in contact with the seafloor, they are anchored to the mooring system at certain ocean depths. This is done because they cannot come the near loading, unloading ports because of shorter water depths, thus, the loading and unloading in large carriers are done in the middle of the sea.

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