Ambient Conditions

Definition - What does Ambient Conditions mean?

Ambient Conditions are a particular set of standard temperature and pressure conditions which can be used by designers, operators or industries to perform their operations in an optimal and efficient way. Ambient working conditions are defined for everything such as equipment, or any operational process of an industry and surface preparation. The parameters that are included in the ambient conditions generally refer to temperature, pressure and humidity.

Petropedia explains Ambient Conditions

The standard temperature in ambient conditions is zero degree Celsius or 273.15 K and standard pressure in ambient conditions is 101.3 kPa or 1 Atm.

In order to get the best efficiency on any industrial process and equipment used, it is necessary to understand and obtain the ambient working conditions. This helps in prolonging the working period of equipment and thus overall reduction in the losses due to maintenance, or changing of faulty equipment parts, etc. Generally understanding ambient working conditions of any equipment or process, makes the machine more durable and long lasting.

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