Air Induction System

Definition - What does Air Induction System mean?

An air induction system is specifically used to maintain balance between air and fuel when it enters a combustion chamber. This system is crucial in determining the performance of an engine. It is also important in boosting the performance of the engine by working on the gas mileage, increasing power, easy start and reduced emissions. Air induction system is also crucial because fuel deposits in the system can result in the poor routine of the engine, leading to a complete fault in it. Installing an air induction system can help in adding longevity to your engine.

Petropedia explains Air Induction System

An air induction system provides maximum performance to the compressors, gas engines and turbines which require a supply of clean air. This induction system is fitted with an air in-take system that helps in balancing the air and fuel in a combustion chamber inside an engine. Today’s modern engines are equipped with an air induction system as well as a filter that help in providing a clean source of air to the engine for a balanced functioning. This system is also helpful in improving the performance of the engine and it also reduces the emission of gases in the atmosphere.

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