Air Hoist

Definition - What does Air Hoist mean?

An air hoist is a mechanical chain device that is used in industrial applications to lift heavy objects such as machinery or raw materials. It is comprised of a pulley and it is held together by an enclosed chain that helps a worker to pull it easily by hand. The load is basically raised with the air hoist and the closed chain is used to pull it across. Air hoists are basically helpful in enhancing the productivity of a worker and reducing fatigue. The mechanism of the air hoist lets a worker lift heavy objects easily and carry on with the tasks.

Petropedia explains Air Hoist

Hoisting solutions, such as an air hoist device are used to lift extremely heavy industrial equipment, materials and other objects that cannot be lifted by mere manpower. An air hoist is basically a chain device, with a pulley on one side that is attached with closed chain that provides the hoisting and pulling mechanism. This type of hoist is ideally equipped with hook pivots, reduction gears and swivels. The hoist has a major hook suspended on top, with which heavy objects are securely hanged and then pulled by a chain. The main aim of using air hoists in industries is to reduce the weight hoisted by an engineer and to help them carry out the heavy loads without any hassles.

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