Air Cleaner Filter Element

Definition - What does Air Cleaner Filter Element mean?

Air cleaner filter element is a constituent of the filter device that is used to get rid of solid particles in the air, volatile gas components in the atmosphere or engine filters. This element is an important part of the air cleaner device and is used in a variety of industrial applications such as automotive and petroleum. The air cleaner filter is specially fitted with the elements that aid in better trapping of dust, dirt and soot in the engine. The air cleaner filter element helps in keeping engines functional without posing any risk to its health.

Petropedia explains Air Cleaner Filter Element

Air cleaner filters are employed mainly in industries that employee aerodynamics and fluid-dynamics. Therefore, an air filter element is essential in taking care of combustion engines in various automobiles. This device is basically designed to eliminate the particles that may hinder the normal functioning of the engine. Particles such as dust, gas vapors, dirt and soot can make an engine perform poorly. Hence, an air filter, with the help of its elements makes the atmosphere free from these volatile elements and makes the air quality better. There are many different kinds of air cleaners available in the market that target different uses.

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