Definition - What does Agitator mean?

An agitator is a mixing device that is used to churn mixtures by causing a shaking motion. Many kinds of agitators are used in different industries. An industrial agitator is used to mix drilling mud or fracking fluids to a certain viscosity so that the mixture is composed into uniformity as per the requirement of a wellbore. Without the agitator, the fluid or mud meant for fracturing or drilling would be impossible to make.

Petropedia explains Agitator

In the petroleum industry mud mixing and drilling fluids are extremely vital tasks that are required in carrying out operations necessary for the extraction of oil and gas. Therefore, in order to mix mud for drilling operation, industrial agitators are used. They help in mixing all the key components in a large device, until a specific consistency is achieved. An agitator is an important device in mud mixing and making frac fluids, without which wellbore drilling and fracturing would be impossible. This robust mixing tool is pivotal in determining the success of an oil wellbore and its production range.

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