Absorption Tower

Definition - What does Absorption Tower mean?

An Absorption Tower is a long vertical column used in oil refineries and natural gas processing stations to absorb impurities from gas streams. The primary purpose of the equipment is to scrub the gas stream and remove impurities by trapping the components of the rising gas with a falling liquid. These towers also serve as scrubbers. Absorption towers are also used in various other industries, such as the purification industry and material processing industry.

Petropedia explains Absorption Tower

Absorption towers can be custom designed based on the capacities they are meant to handle. Inside these towers, the gas along with any impurities enters from the inlet port which is placed at the bottom of these vertical columns. Then an aerosolized liquid (generally water) is sprayed down from top of the columns against the current of gas. When the impurities come in contact with the liquid, they get trapped and settle at the bottom of the tower in a collection tank. Gas being the lightest keeps travelling in the upward direction, and from the outlet a pure form of gas stream is obtained which can be scrubbed multiple times to remove very fine size impurities.

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