Definition - What does Absorbent mean?

An absorbent can be referred to as a mixture of materials that are insoluble in nature and are used to absorb liquid by picking up and holding it in a material. This material is capable of holding water that causes it to swell and increase in size. In oil and gas industry, various kinds of absorbents are used that are helpful in dealing with oil spills. Therefore, an absorbent can be either oil or water attracting.

Petropedia explains Absorbent

In the petroleum industry, absorbents are used as a part of emergency response. Usually, an absorbent has the natural characteristics of absorbing water or oil by soaking it and retaining it for long. Upon soaking up the fluid, the absorbent material can increase in size as it holds the fluid. Absorbents are very important in oil and gas industry as they are used to ensure the cleaning of accidental oil leaks, spills etc., in the environment. This helps in contributing to a safe and contamination free environment.

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