Abandoned Well

Definition - What does Abandoned Well mean?

An Abandoned Well is a well that is plugged in permanently due to some technical reasons in the drilling process. An oil well is referred to as abandoned if the economic limit of the well is reached. Thereafter, the tubing of the well should be removed and sections of the wellbore filled with concrete. This process is known as Abandonment and it is required to isolate the path of the flow between water and gas zones from one another and from the surface as well.

Petropedia explains Abandoned Well

After a well becomes abandoned, its tubing is removed and the wellbore sections are completely brimmed with concrete. The filling of the wellbore sections is required so as to make the flow path amid gas and water zone isolated from the surface and from each other. The Abandoned Well waits to see if the market can do something before its permanent abandonment. After the well becomes abandoned, the platforms are sometimes plunged in place or moved somewhere else to be dropped into the ocean floor to produce artificial reefs.

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