Wireline Retrievable Safety Valve (WRSV)

Definition - What does Wireline Retrievable Safety Valve (WRSV) mean?

Wireline-Retrievable Safety Valve also referred to as WRSV, is a principal component of wireline or slickline equipment that is used in oil and gas industry. It’s a safety valve that is fitted into a landing nipple (a piece of short pipe) which has a control line on one end that is connected to a control system. It is through this alignment that the valve can be easily pulled up for maintenance or repair if required.

Petropedia explains Wireline Retrievable Safety Valve (WRSV)

Various kinds of equipment are used when drilling an oil well. This downhole equipment is specifically designed to carry out designated tasks. A wireline-retrievable safety valve is brought into use when an oil and agas well is drilled and set up for production using the standard slickline tools. Specialized nipples, which are short pieces of pipe, are installed with these safety valves which are then connected to a main surface control system. An engineer operating the well can use these valves to manage the reservoir well and control the fluids as required. This safety valve is an essential component in the wireline or slickline equipment used in the petroleum industry.

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