Wireline Cutter

Definition - What does Wireline Cutter mean?

A Wireline Cutter is a downhole tool which is used to cut the slickline from a tool string that is struck or jammed inside a wellbore. The tool rotates on its pivoted axis to perform the cutting action. These types of tools only cut the slickline or braided wires and cause no damage to casing or any other equipment used downhole.

Petropedia explains Wireline Cutter

A wireline cutter performs its operations with ease as it is attached at the surface of the slickline or braided wire once the slickline is inserted into the wellbore. This cutter runs down under its own weight all along the braided wire and wherever it is encounters the struck tool, it cuts this braided wire or slickline and automatically repositions itself on the wire. The struck tool or equipment that is cut by this wireline cutter is later removed by performing the fishing operations in the wellbore.

Some of the benefits of using the wireline cutter are as follows:

  • It is primarily meant only for cutting struck tools along the slickline and does not damage surrounding areas inside the wellbore.
  • It does not perform any cut operations against the tubing.
  • It is automatically retrievable and thus convenient to use.
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