Wire Clamp

Definition - What does Wire Clamp mean?

A Wire Clamp is a device used to prevent the string of a tool from dropping into a wellbore. The tool-string can drop down the wellbore when the winch unit and the slickline get damaged on the surface. This safety device is used to prevent this damage. It can also be called a clip that is used to fix or tighten the loose end of loop-back to the wire. The usual structure of a Wire Clamp consists of a forged saddle, U-shaped bolt and two nuts.

Petropedia explains Wire Clamp

A Wire Clamp is attached to the slickline on the surface, which is present between a stuffing box pulley and hay pulley. This device is commonly used when the slickline has to remain stationary for some time. When the slickline is motionless it increases the chances of the tool-string dropping into the wellbore. To avoid the damage due to the fall of the slickline or failure of a winch unit, a Wire Clamp is used. It needs attention; hence the saddle is placed on the load-bearing side and never on the non load-bearing side of the cable. This protects the load-bearing side of the rope from getting crushed.

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