Wellhead Backpressure

Definition - What does Wellhead Backpressure mean?

Wellhead Backpressure is the amount of pressure that is exerted on the wellhead of a well in its production phase. When an oil well is used for production, a wellhead system consisting of adapters, spools and valves is installed on the top of the wellbore. The pressure from the wellbore is caused due to the produced fluids from the bottom of the reservoir, i.e., oil, gas or water. The wellhead system manages the pressure of a producing well.

Petropedia explains Wellhead Backpressure

Various safety methods are installed over a drilled oil well to ensure that the rest of the production goes safely. One such well control method used during the production testing is the wellhead system, which manages and controls any pressure coming up to the wellhead from the bottom of the reservoir. It is also used to terminate any further risks in the well.This system is composed of safety spools, adapters and valves that control the pressure of a well producing oil, gas or water. When the pressure from beneath the wellbore is exerted in the wellhead, it is known as a Wellhead Backpressure.

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