Wellbore Diagram

Definition - What does Wellbore Diagram mean?

A Wellbore Diagram is a simplified diagram that is used to identify the major well completion components equipped in a borehole. The information included in the diagram corresponds to the dimensions of components and the depth at which they are found. The equipment operators and engineers are required to have a current diagram. This diagram helps them to choose the most convenient tools and prepare appropriate drilling and extraction procedures.

Petropedia explains Wellbore Diagram

A Wellbore Diagram is used to get complete information related to the components used in the operations. It also displays a summary of the well’s history as well as the current data. Efforts are given to ensure that all information given by the diagram is readily accessible so as to take effective decisions. The diagram is made according to the needs of operators. The operators need this diagram as it helps them to choose the most suitable equipment to use. It also facilitates them to prepare perfect procedures to perform operations that are favorable with the downhole restrictions.

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