Definition - What does Wellbore mean?

A Wellbore is a borehole or a hole drilled in the earth's surface so as to carry out exploration and extraction of natural resources like water, oil or gas. It is the actual hole that forms the well and it can be uncased or encased by cement and steel. It is a straight shaft that bores into the surface and allows improvement of the qualities of the natural resources extracted. It also includes an open-hole or uncased portion of the well.

Petropedia explains Wellbore

A Wellbore is essential in the natural resource exploration and recovery phase of oil and gas. It is the hole that forms a well that is drilled to extract oil or gas for a protracted period. If instability occurs in the borehole, it results in big economic losses. A borehole may also be referred as the diameter of the Wellbore wall from inside or the rock face which is bounding the drilled hole. It has a straight shaft like structure that gives access to all the natural resources that are extracted from deep below the earth's surface.

The borehole is required to be cleaned after and before production begins because if the drilling mud or other unwanted debris is not removed, it can rise the non productive time, safety, health, operating costs and environmental risks. To drill a borehole, specialized drilling tools and equipment are needed.

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