Well Servicing

Definition - What does Well Servicing mean?

Well Servicing are various operations conducted on a well that can range from well workover to completion. These operations are handled by well services, a petroleum department that handles all the maintenance and repair issues related to a well. The well may experience certain issues after it has been drilled and operated. Therefore, these issues are addressed to the well services department, which analyzes the current needs of the well and accordingly offers the well servicing operations.

Petropedia explains Well Servicing

Well Servicing are various operations related to the maintenance and repair of a well. A functional oil and gas well can at anytime experience issues that obstruct the smooth production process from it. Therefore, the well services department, which consists of special personnel such as a well service supervisor and a team, take charge of the offshore well location. The well services team is trained in various operations such as wellhead maintenance, wireline, coiled tubing etc. These and other services offered by the department are called as Well Servicing.

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