Well Plan

Definition - What does Well Plan mean?

A Well Plan is a detailed statement of a proposed wellbore, which includes a wide range of information pertaining to the well which is supposed to be drilled or already in use. The plan is an important part of the well planning phase, wherein a wellbore may be studied and analyzed in detail. The data incorporated in a Well Plan includes the type, orientation, shape, location, completion and other evaluations. A wellbore can be either vertical or horizontal; therefore, each well has to be planned precisely and according to the certain factors that aid in optimized production.

Petropedia explains Well Plan

A segment of drilling engineering, well planning is a pivotal element that describes each and every aspect of the oil well production. A lot of engineering concepts are used to analyze a well and the data is used accordingly to draft a Well Plan. Well planning can be challenging because of the location of a possible oil well, orientation, size, type and temperature. There can be other challenging factors as well that may hinder the production phase. There are three types of wells – condensate wells, crude oil wells and gas wells. These wells are studied by the engineers and by utilizing the modern day engineering software, a Well Plan is created that suits the conditions of the well. The Well Plan is an in depth plan that also determines the cost-efficient and safe methods that will be used in the initial phase.

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