Well Flow Rate

Definition - What does Well Flow Rate mean?

Well Flow Rate is the total well production rate or the rate of injection in an oil well. A flow test is conducted to measure the total flow rate of an oil well.

The main objective of measuring the Well Flow Rate is to determine whether the well is productive or not, and whether any changes should be made.

Petropedia explains Well Flow Rate

Well performance is very important in deciding whether an oil well is productive or not. Well tests are conducted regularly to verify the performance of an oil well. Also known as a daily test, the well test helps to determine the Well Flow Rate of an individual well. The test can be conducted on a group of wells to ascertain the total flow rate.

Different parameters are used to check how productive an oil well is and how long it can produce oil and gas. By conducting the test, the Well Flow Rate helps determine the daily production range (i.e., oil barrels per day and gas millions per day).

Offshore and onshore production wells typically have different Well Flow Rates, and the rates decrease over time as the pressure in the well gradually decreases.

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