Well Control

Definition - What does Well Control mean?

Well Control is a technique used to control and manage the harmful effects of unexpected release of natural gas or crude oil pressure on the equipment, as well realeasded into the atmosphere. During the drilling process, this technique prevents the flow of formation fluid into the wellbore. If the pressure effects are not controlled or managed properly, they can damage the equipment, or cause serious injuries and even lead to death.

Petropedia explains Well Control

The most fundamental part of an oil or gas field is the pressure. If the pressure is not controlled and managed in a proper manner, it can lead to serious injuries to the workers working on the drilling rigs and damage the equipment. Well Control is a safety technique that is used to maintain the pressure which is released during drilling. This technique also prevents the formation fluids from flowing into the wellbore. Well trained groups of workers are needed to perform the Well Control activities. The activities include operations that monitor the fluid pressure and prevent the escape of the pressure during drilling and even after the completion of the drilling operations.

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