Shale Oil

Definition - What does Shale Oil mean?

Shale oil is the oil that is produced in an informal way from the oil shale rock formations by using different techniques. The techniques, such as thermal dissolution, pyrolysis and hydrogenation lead to the conversion of the organic matter into artificially matured oil. Shale oil is also often referred to as synthetic oil and gas or Kerogen. Shale oil is not limited to just artificial maturation of the oil, it can also be actual oil that is found in the in the vessels of the pores of shale sections inside the reservoir.

Petropedia explains Shale Oil

The term “shale oil” can be referred to as the oil produced from the shale rocks (oil shale) or it can be also used to refer to the crude oil produced from shales. Shale oil is usually an unconventional byproduct that is produced by employing different techniques to produce or extract oil from the oil shale rock formations. These techniques – hydrogenation, pyrolysis and thermal dissolution can be used on these formations and are largely helpful in converting or maturing the organic matter from the rock formation into synthetic oil. Also known as synthetic oil, shale oil can be used as fuel or as heating oil.

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