Tubular Jar

Definition - What does Tubular Jar mean?

A Tubular Jar is a special tool that is used in slickline operations. It is used along a slickline that is either stretched or warped back. The Tubular Jar is ideally used in the fishing operations where there is a possibility of debris or other substances clogging the wellbore. Through the slickline, the Tubular Jar can also be dropped inside a large casing or other tubing where the other device is prone to get stuck. By using the Tubular Jar, it is easy to carry out the fishing operations.

Petropedia explains Tubular Jar

A Tubular Jar, also known as tube jar is a downhole tool that is majorly used i fishing operations. It is a common scenario when the debris and other materials obstruct the mechanical action of the other conventional jar. By using the Tubular Jar, the process of jarring can be reduced significantly in the downhole because the tool is contained inside an outer housing. Mostly used to de-clog the well path in a wellbore, the Tubular Jar is an effective tool used to remove the obstructing particles. The Tubular Jar can also be used while large tubing is being installed.

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