Tubing Testing Tool

Definition - What does Tubing Testing Tool mean?

A Tubing Testing Tool is a downhole tool that is used to shut-off the tubing temporarily without pinching it off or installing a valve. It is a handy tool used for heating, refrigeration, plumbing and instrumentation while troubleshooting for leaks. The tool is basically lightweight, dependable and fast acting. It is a slickline deployed plug or a tool that is used in slightly deviated or vertical wellbores. The tool is inserted in the tube end and the wing nut is then tightened.

Petropedia explains Tubing Testing Tool

Tubing Testing Tools and plugs are used to plug the bottom of a wellbore tubular. This wellbore tubular is an assembled production tubing which is used to produce the reservoir fluids. These tools are generally used either in vertical or slightly deviated wellbores. The basic use of the Tubing Testing Tool is to temporarily shut-off the production tubing. While testing, if any leak is found in heating, refrigeration, plumbing and instrumentation, then this tool is used to fix it. This is a lightweight handy tool that is portable and it can be used for other various operations.

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