Tubing Puncher

Definition - What does Tubing Puncher mean?

A Tubing Puncher is a special perforating charge or gun that is designed to limit penetration. The limited penetration allows only the inner casing or tubing to be perforated and prevents the surrounding outer string from getting damaged. The upward jarring activities activate the perforator. When positioned into the well, this perforator punch does not need explosives to perforate the casing. It is specially designed to be used in perforating heavy walled and standard tubing while remaining under pressure.

Petropedia explains Tubing Puncher

A Tubing puncher is a gun that helps in achieving the circulation between tubing and annulus without causing any damage to the external casings. A Tubing Puncher can be positioned within various standard methods that allow perforators to get activated while upward jarring actions and perforation of heavy walled or standard tubing takes place. The gun is usually used in workover or remedial operations in which the downhole devices like sliding sleeves are not opened to permit the circulation of fluids in well kill.

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