Tubing Hanger

Definition - What does Tubing Hanger mean?

A Tubing Hanger is an important tool that plays a vital role in the oil and gas production well completion. It is a downhole tool that is usually suspended through the casing or the production tubing through the wellhead or tree. In some occasions, it is also used as a sealant for the production areas and the annulus. It also serves an important role in communication of the elements such as electric or hydraulic for downhole operations. Ideally, it is installed on the tubing joint located on top of the tubing head, which also supports the tubing string.

Petropedia explains Tubing Hanger

Tubing operations make use of downhole equipment such as a Tubing Hanger and tubing end locator. These tools help in the well completion and well workover operations. A Tubing Hanger is majorly used to isolate the annulus and tubing, which is accomplished hydraulically. The Tubing hanger is installed in the wellhead on the tubing head and both of them form an important sealing assembly isolating the annulus, tubing and the production casing. It is run through the blowout preventer system and the hanger can be used for any kind of well tubing completion. Through this hanger, other equipment such as small tubing lines can also be run down from the top to the bottom.

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