Tubing End Locator (TEL)

Definition - What does Tubing End Locator (TEL) mean?

A Tubing End Locator is a downhole slickline tool that is used to find the borderline end of production tubing, coiled tubing or any other well equipment. The tool is helpful in getting to the end point of tubing that may have been broken down the length. It is also helpful in identifying the exact length of a completion string. This device is used along a slickline on a toolstring or at the bottom of the toolstring. A tubing End Locator tool comes with different features and is primarily used for depth correlation.

Petropedia explains Tubing End Locator (TEL)

A Tubing End Locator is used amongst other downhole equipment for well workover and intervention operations. The primary use of a Tubing End Locator, as the name suggests, is to find out the depth of the tubing. Many a times, the tubing can be broken down the length or the engineers may require to figure out the exact distance of the wellbore from the surface to the bottom. In such as cases, the Tubing End Locator remains a preferred tool to find a break in tubing or locate its end. It is used along a tool string, where it is installed at its end. The locator is then run into the casing, after it is through the production string. After this, it is brought back into the production string. Through this mechanism, the Tubing End Locator determines the complete length of the tubing and production string.

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