Triplex Pump

Definition - What does Triplex Pump mean?

A Triplex Pump is a kind of a pump that uses 3 plungers to reduce pulsation of the single reciprocating plunger pumps. The ripple graph or pump ripple of the pump transducer can be smoothed by adding pulsation dampener. High quality plunger seals are required for the dynamic relation of plunger and high pressure fluids. A plunger pump with a large number of plungers has the benefit of the increased or better flow without any pulsation dampener. The only drawback is the increase in crankshaft load and moving parts.

Petropedia explains Triplex Pump

A Triplex Pump is used to move fluids such as slurry. The pump displaces the fluids with the help of physical or mechanical movements. The pump consists of one kind of pump with various cylinders. These are most common type of configuration of pumps that can be used in well servicing and drilling operations. The pumps used in the well service operations are generally capable of handling a vast range of fluid types which include abrasive fluids, corrosive fluids and slurries which contains large particulates. These are the positive displacement reciprocating pumps that consist of three plungers.

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