Definition - What does Tortuosity mean?

Tortuosity is the deviation from a straight line that is used to signify the complex path of electrical conduction and fluid diffusion. It is the property of a porous material geometric having many curves. The wellbore trajectory can be found by the use of tortuosity. Log analysts and drillers also use tortuosity to describe the current flow through the reservoir rocks.

Petropedia explains Tortuosity

In fluid mechanics, tortuosity is the ratio between the length of path to the straight line distance between those two points. It is termed as a property of a curve with ‘many turns’. Not only in oil and gas, but it is also be applied in different fields:

It deals with mass transfer in porous material in engineering domains. Tortuosity is also used to describe sound propagation in acoustics. HVAC also makes use of this technique. Not only this, the movement path of animals is also described using this in ecology.

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