Tool Joint

Definition - What does Tool Joint mean?

Tool Joint is a threaded joint of a drill pipe that offers high strength to the threaded connections. This helps to withstand multiple cycles of tightening that lead to loosening of the threads during the drilling process. It is made up of steel and has a large diameter section that strongly holds the pipe. It may be welded to the pipe or can be screwed to the pipe as per the requirements.

Petropedia explains Tool Joint

A Tool Joint is an important segment of the drill pipe hence Tool Joint manufacturers ensure that Tool Joints are built under strict compliance of the international standards of the joints. These joints are connected with the help of thermal shrink fit technology to ensure long-term dependability. The components are important for efficient transfer of torsion, compression loads and tension between the working connection and the pipes. These joints offer stiffness thus resist breaking or bending of the pipes during the drilling process. Due to this reason, small cuts do not impair the strength or reduce the life of the pipes. Moreover, Tool Joints are fabricated separately to get the best outcome.

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