Thread Protector

Definition - What does Thread Protector mean?

A Thread Protector is a disposable thread device that is designed to mate with the threads on the casing and drill string components. The Thread Protector can be fitted on a pipe manually or electrically. It is usually made from steel or plastic and is ideally meant as a protective layer for the threads of the pipe. A metal thread protector helps to cover the pipes that are used in oil production and transportation. Metal thread protectors are long-lasting and they can be cleaned regularly for continuous use. On the other hand, Plastic thread protectors are disposable, made from cheap material and can be recycled.

Petropedia explains Thread Protector

The drill string components, casing and other pipes have threads on their ends. These threads need to be protected from oil, dust and other contaminants. This is done by fitting in a thread protector, which has threads shaped to mate the threads of the pipe or other devices. The main use of a Thread Protector is to keep the thread surfaces free from dust and grime that can build over a time during the oil production phase. It also helps in preventing the threads from getting damaged or deformed due to forceful impacts. There are two types of Thread Protectors, i.e., metal thread protectors and plastic thread protectors for pipes of different diameters. Metal thread protectors can be reused by cleaning them regularly, whereas plastic thread protectors can be recycled.

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