Swaging Tool

Definition - What does Swaging Tool mean?

A Swaging Tool is a downhole tool that is usually used for opening a tubing that is damaged. It is used along with the slickline and when lifted up, the tool opens up the collapsed tubing wall with force. This is accomplished by the circular wedge on the end of the tool. A tool string has a jar fitted on it that provides enough force for the Swaging Tool to be pushed in and out from the tubing without any restriction. This helps the tool to open up the deformed or damaged tubing, thus maintaining it easily.

Petropedia explains Swaging Tool

Tubing and casing are the most important elements of a well construction. A tubing is installed inside an oil well, which acts as a medium for oil and gas to be extracted from the formations. Ideally, a tubing is strong enough to withstand high pressure and loads. However, when a tubing gets damaged, deformed or collapsed, it needs to be repaired. If the tubing is not repaired, it may obstruct the regular production of oil and gas, and may even cause well related issues. Therefore, a Swaging Tool is used to repair and maintain the damaged tubing. A Swaging Tool is used downhole and it is run on a slickline. The end of the tool has circular wedge which forces the tubing wall to get in shape. To increase the effect of the force, a jar is mounted in the tool string which creates enough force for the Swaging Tool to push through the tubing.

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