Sucker Rod

Definition - What does Sucker Rod mean?

Sucker Rod is a long jointed steel rod threaded at both ends. It is used to connect the downhole elements with the surface. The reciprocating piston pump of an oil well has downhole components, which are joined by a series of the Sucker Rods. The rod(s) connect the pumping jack on the surface with the pump plunger inside the well. These rods are essential components of the artificial lift system that provides the mechanical assembly of the surface and downhole components, through which it is easy to pump and retrieve fluids. A Sucker Rod can range from 25-30 ft., i.e., 7-9 m in length.

Petropedia explains Sucker Rod

A Sucker Rod is an important component of the Sucker Rod pump system which is a basic artificial lift system. The Sucker Rod Pump makes use of various components such as a beam, Sucker Rod, crank and other assemblies which work together to provide a mechanical reciprocating motion. This mechanical motion helps the Sucker Rod String to connect with the pump assembly in downhole, which helps in lifting the fluids.

A Sucker Rod is ideally made from steel. However, it is also available in fiber glass, which is known as a Fiber Reinforced Plastic Sucker Rod (FRP). A typical Sucker Rod can vary in diameter, ranging from 3/4 to 1 1/4 inch, and can be 25-30 ft., in length. The following are the various types of Sucker Rods used:

  • Steel Sucker Rod.
  • Pony rod.
  • Low alloy rod.
  • Continuous solid rod.
  • Fiber reinforced plastic Sucker Rod.
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