Subsea Well

Definition - What does Subsea Well mean?

A Subsea well is a well in which all the production systems are located on the seabed. The facilities which are under water are basically referred to as ‘Subsea’. It can also be defined as a well drilled in an offshore location (within the sea). The prefix is used for wells, field, project and the development too. The Christmas tree, basically the valves, pressure gauges and other equipment that control the flow of the fluid from the well are on the seabed itself.

Petropedia explains Subsea Well

An oil well that is drilled below water surface is known as a Subsea Well. Subsea means under water and is basically the word used to indicate location of an oil or gas well within the ocean. Even in this category the depth plays an important part as this type of well is further divided into shallow water or deep water wells. Special waterproof and non-corrosive equipment is required for these Subsea oil and gas developments. Subsea well drilling requires special type of rigs such as jackup rigs, swamp barges or fixed platform rigs which can drill beneath the seabed. Subsea wells and linked equipment such as submerged pipelines also need to be carefully maintained and checked at regular intervals for environmental risks such as oil spills which can harm aquatic life.

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