Definition - What does Structure mean?

Structure, with respect to geology, is the study of the 3D distribution of large pieces of rocks, their surfaces, inside material and salt composition. The study is carried out so as to gain information on their historical tectonics, old geological environments and events that could have formed, changed or deformed them. It is also known as structural geology.

Petropedia explains Structure

The study of geological structures has played an important role in understanding both petroleum and mining geology. Petroleum and natural gas generally gets trapped in the rock strata and any folds or fault structures act as permeable zones in the rock. Structural geology plays a critical role in engineering geology as it relates to the physical, mechanical and chemical properties of natural rocks. The primary role of structural geology is to obtain data from studying the present day rock geometric and correlate it to discover the cause of formation and deformation in the rock along with the stress fields which result in strain and geometric.

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