Definition - What does Stimulation mean?

Stimulation is a process that is carried out to boost the production from an oil or gas well. The process improves the flow of hydrocarbons from the drainage area into the wellbore either by opening new channels into the rock to enhance permeability of the reservoir rocks for smoother flow of hydrocarbons or by lowering the viscosity of the crude oil.

Stimulation may also be known as well stimulation.

Petropedia explains Stimulation

Well stimulation enhances the production of hydrocarbons from the well because it increases the flow of hydrocarbons from a drainage area into the wellbore.

An example of well stimulation is hydraulic fracturing, which is a process that involves pumping chemicals, water and sand under pressure high enough to crack a formation and improve permeability. This process involves the use of surface equipment such as storage tanks for chemicals, proppants, piping, pressure control equipment and frack monitoring units.

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