Stabilized Gas Well

Definition - What does Stabilized Gas Well mean?

Stabilized Gas Well is a type of a gas well that produces natural gas at a constant rate. The wellhead pressure in a producing well remains stable with little or no amount of fluctuations with respect to time. In order to determine whether a gas well is producing natural gas at a stable state or not, the well pressure and flow rate have to be relatively constant for a given period of time such as a few hours, a day or a month.

Petropedia explains Stabilized Gas Well

A stabilized condition in a natural gas producing well occurs only when the wellhead pressure and gas flow rate remain relatively constant for a given period of time. The time selected to check the stability could be either a few hours, one day, a week or a month depending on the operator management decisions. A Stabilized Gas Well is said to be operating in a pseudo steady state which means it is operating in a bounded drainage area. In this state, the well is kept on rigorous flow after flow testing and the results are monitored by drafting pressure change and flow rate curve versus time being calculated from hydrocarbon formation properties and size of the drainage area.

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