Squeeze Tool

Definition - What does Squeeze Tool mean?

A Squeeze tool is a retrievable service packer tool used in the squeeze cementing operations. It includes a bypass system and hold down slips. The squeeze tool is just a generic name given to it. The surge and swab effects are prevented with the help of the bypass system which in turn helps in the cement slurry circulation.

Petropedia explains Squeeze Tool

A Squeeze Tool is used when cement is being forced to settle in a well. It is used in the cementing process to squeeze the cement and create seals at specific points in the well. The Squeeze Tool is placed at a certain depth in a wellbore. The bypass system helps in surging and swabbing effects for cement slurry operations whereas the hold down slip assembly helps in applying high squeezing pressure thereby eliminating the risk of unsetting cement packing in the wellbore.

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