Snubbing Jack

Definition - What does Snubbing Jack mean?

A Snubbing Jack is a multi cylinder jack which is used to move the tubular. The jack is hydraulically operated and can apply extreme force to the drill string so that it can move easily against the back pressure. The tubular movements are the movements of the drill string going in and coming out in the well. The hydraulic energy is used in this jack system to make precise snubbing units.

Petropedia explains Snubbing Jack

A Snubbing Jack plays a vital role in the snubbing system. The jack is classified as per its pulling capacities. The jack comes in various sizes like 460k, 200k and 340k etc.

These different sizes have different capacities ranging from 230,000 to 430,000 lbs. They are hydraulically operated and are used to apply high pressure to the well head or the tubing string they are attached to. These jacks are situated right below the snubbing basket or work basket where all the controls and work personnel resides.

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