Snubbing Force

Definition - What does Snubbing Force mean?

Snubbing Force is the force which is generated by a hydraulic workover rig during snubbing operations on the drill string being inserted into the wellbore. The drill string is inserted into the well when a kick or back pressure is being examined. There are two main types of Snubbing Force, i.e., the well head force and frictional force.

Petropedia explains Snubbing Force

Force is calculated as the pressure applied to a certain cross sectional area. This is same in the case of Snubbing Force. Here the pressure is the well head pressure and the cross sectional area is the area of the tubing. One more force that has to be taken care of during snubbing operations is the frictional force. So the total Snubbing Force is the sum of both forces. The sealing devices are the main cause of the frictional forces. Thus the formula can be written as:

Snubbing Force = (Well head force + Frictional force) – Buoyed weight of the string

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