Snubbing Basket

Definition - What does Snubbing Basket mean?

Snubbing Basket, also known as a work basket, is the working area or platform at the top of the snubbing unit where the snubbing personnel work. The snubbing unit controls the handling of tool strings, drill strings, tubular, large bank of BOP's and hydraulic valves housed in this area while the snubbing personnel handles all the hydraulic controls and activities needed during the snubbing operation from this platform.

Petropedia explains Snubbing Basket

A Snubbing Basket is one of the components of a snubbing rig. It acts as the control post which has hydraulic controls for the hydraulic workover rig. Hydraulic jacks are placed below the Snubbing Basket which moves this platform up or down. The hydraulic jacks are also used to put the pipe in and out of the borehole. There is a limited space in the basket and thus all the necessary equipment needs to be filled up before taking the working area on top of the BOP’s in order to avoid unnecessary platform movement. The personnel working the in snubbing operations are often known as the snubbing personnel and their work area or a platform at the top of the snubbing rig is the Snubbing Basket.

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