Base Slurry

Definition - What does Base Slurry mean?

Base slurry is a typical cement mixture that is mostly used in oil well applications. It is basically a mixture of cement and water along with liquid additives that is prepared to be injected inside the oil well. Also known as cement slurry, this cement mixture is a kind of drilling fluid that is used in drilling operations to seal the annular spaces that are present between the oil well walls and casing. The base slurry thus, prevents the loss of drilling fluids. On the other hand, additives added in the base slurry are used to prevent annular gas flow.

Petropedia explains Base Slurry

Drilling of an oil well often leads to cracks and fissures beneath the earth's surface. In order to prevent the drilling fluids, oil and natural gas from seeping through these cracks and getting lost, the space between the well walls and the casing (drilling equipment) is sealed by a base slurry. This cement mixture is injected in the annular spaces as well as the cracks between the formations. The base slurry is prepared according to the different requirements of the oil well and can include certain additives (liquid or dry) in it. Once the mixture is pumped inside the well, it is allowed to harden anywhere from 12 to 24 hrs.

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