Definition - What does Slickline mean?

Slickline is a thin steel wire run on a Slickline unit to place or retrieve tools like plugs, gauges or valves in a completion string. The general purpose of the Slickline is to move Slickline tools into the wellbore for well repair and maintenance. It is also used to run shifting tools to operate (open and close) the sliding sleeves.

Petropedia explains Slickline

Slickline is used for production tubing and comes in different grades and sizes. The grade of Slickline is related to its size which means that if the size of Slickline is large, the grade is high. The solid wireline comes in the diameter sizes of 0.092", 0.108", 0.125", 0.140", 0.150", and 0.160" and are generally 18000, 20000, 25000 and 30000 foot long. The wireline can be manufactured in higher length and sizes and also according to the specifications of the manufacturer. The largest slickline wire diameter size available is 0.188’’.

It is always advisable to keep diameter size of the Slickline as small as possible because:

  • This reduces overall weight.
  • It can be run through small diameter holes easily.
  • It helps in keeping reel drum size to minimum.
  • Small cross section area of the wire is under pressure while in operation.

Some of the Slickline tools used are:

  • Jar
  • Stem
  • Puling tools
  • Gauge ring
  • Lead impression block
  • Bailer (downhole, sample, stroke and hydrostatic)
  • Running tools
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