Barrels Of Oil Per Day (BOPD)

Definition - What does Barrels Of Oil Per Day (BOPD) mean?

Barrels Of Oil Per Day is a measurement unit of the oil produced per day. A Barrel generally denotes a specified unit of the volume of a fluid. In this case, Barrels Of Oil Per Day is denoted by 1.84013073 × 10-6 m3 / s. All oil wells produce crude oil everyday which is sent over for refinement procedure that produces jet fuel, gasoline, petroleum and diesel fuel to name a few. Generally referred as barrels per day, 1 BPD is equal to almost 0.0292 gallons/minute. Barrels per day is also short for BOPD, BPD, bpd and bd.

Petropedia explains Barrels Of Oil Per Day (BOPD)

A Barrel is a standard term used to measure the volume unit of oil or fluids recovered from an oil well. In some places, an oil barrel (bbl) defines 159 liters or 42 US gallons, which is equivalent to 35 imperial gallons. The measurement of extracted liquids in terms of barrels is further segregated into different units such as barrels of liquids per day, barrels per day, barrels per stream day and barrels per calendar day. Barrels Of Oil Per Day is a measurement unit that defines the total production of oil from an oil well within 24 hours. The term is also known as barrels per day and is abbreviated as BPD or BOPD.

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