Barrels Of Liquid Per Day (BLPD)

Definition - What does Barrels Of Liquid Per Day (BLPD) mean?

Barrels Of Liquid Per Day is a unit of measure which can be defined as the amount of liquids (primarily oil and water) produced each day from a producing well or from oil and gas fields. It is abbreviated as BLPD and is equivalent to 42 US Gallons. It is a measure of the volume of oil and water produced each day.

Petropedia explains Barrels Of Liquid Per Day (BLPD)

The term Barrels Of Liquid Per Day (BLPD) is generally associated with the volume of crude oil and water which gets produced together along with the natural gas & natural gas condensates (if any) from a producing well. Thus, BLPD can also be called the total volume of recoverable liquids from a reservoir.

Barrels of Liquid per Day = Barrels of Oil per day (BOPD) + Barrels of Water per Day (BWPD)

Barrels Of Liquid Per Day can also be referred as Barrels of Fluid per Day (BFPD).

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