Shifting Tool

Definition - What does Shifting Tool mean?

Shifting Tool is a downhole tool which is commonly used in the slickline operations of an oil well. This tool helps in closing, opening and shifting downhole flow control position of sliding sleeves or circulation devices. This tool runs typically in upward or downward operating jars so that it can create a maximum force or impact.

Petropedia explains Shifting Tool

The main purpose of the Shifting Tool is to adjust the position of sliding sleeves by running them through a slickline in a vertical wellbore. In horizontal and deviated wellbore profiles, The Shifting Tool is used with coiled tubing. Shifting Tools can be designed for the specific models and various sizes of sliding sleeves.

Some of the characteristics of Shifting Tools include:

  • They are designed in such a way that they release themselves once the sleeve has travelled to its full extent in the wellbore.
  • They are always supplied with industry specified standardized connection & fishing necks.
  • Shear pins are fitted onto them for safety precaution in case the tool fails to engage the profile.
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