Shear Pin

Definition - What does Shear Pin mean?

A Shear Pin is a small size tool which is used in the slickline tools in a wellbore. It is cut from a stock of material which is also known as a shear stock. The organizations that manufacture such type of Shear Pins prefer using brass or steel material in the manufacturing process.

Petropedia explains Shear Pin

Shear Pins are cut from the shear stocks which usually come in the shape of a rod or bar. The materials used to prepare Shear Pins are generally brass or steel as these materials have the properties of shearing completely on applying adequate amount of shear force. These Shear Pins can be used in downhole slickline tools to hold sliding components on their positions within the slickline tools until an external suitable shear force is applied to break the Shear Pin. Once the pin is sheared (broken), sliding components can move for suitable functionality of the slickline tools.

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