Shale Gas

Definition - What does Shale Gas mean?

Shale Gas is gas found trapped within fine grained, clastic sedimentary rocks. It is the natural gas found in the rocks and has the same properties as natural gas obtained from a gas reservoir. Horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing are the techniques used in the production of Shale Gas. The shale from which Shale Gas is obtained is a rich source of petroleum as well as natural gas.

Petropedia explains Shale Gas

The advancement of technology has lead to the invention new and effective drilling techniques. These techniques have helped immensely in the Exploration and Production (E&P) activities related to oil and gas fields. As gas is an important fuel for energy, electricity production and industrialization, fuel reserves are continuously being checked and Shale Gas has given a big hope to mitigate the natural gas deficit. Countries like South Africa, US, China, Argentina, Canada have appreciable Shale Gas reserves. The formation of Shale Gas can be taken as similar to coal and petroleum. The process of microorganism decay for thousands of years has helped in the formation of Shale Gas.

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