Running Tool

Definition - What does Running Tool mean?

A Running Tool is a special type of tool which is used to run the equipment inside a wellbore. An example of a Running Tool is the wireline running tool is used for installing retrievable gas lift valves. The tool is also useful in placing permanent packers or plugs inside the well. Once the downhole tools are properly settled in the wellbore, the Running Tool can be retrieved back.

Petropedia explains Running Tool

A Running Tool is associated with slickline operations. Running Tools are generally used to run and set down the slickline locks or plugs or permanent packers into a wellbore. Once the slickline locks and plugs effectively settle in the well bottom the Running Tool is brought back to the surface. These tools are also used to carry various other tools into the wellbore such as:

  • Downhole chokers
  • One way check valves usually TKX style plugs
  • Instrument hangers
  • Tubing plugs

A Running Tool is also called as a setting tool.

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