Definition - What does Roustabout mean?

Roustabout refers to a job position offered to an individual who maintains the equipment in the oilfield and supports oil and gas operations on a daily basis. In a hierarchy, Roustabout is a junior position to roughneck and has to perform typical labor jobs on the offshore and onshore oil and gas rigs and drilling wellhead platforms.

Petropedia explains Roustabout

Various level of hierarchy needs to be maintained in any organization. Similarly, in the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry, Roustabout is typically an entry level position in the hierarchy. The individual selected for the Roustabout position should be qualified to understand instructions given by drilling officer and other seniors to perform various drilling operations which include:

  • Setting up the wellhead.
  • Maintaining saltwater disposal.
  • Performing general cleanup.
  • Installing equipment as per the directions given.
  • Cleaning up of wellhead platforms and buildings.
  • Cleaning any oil spills.
  • Installing and repairing pipelines.
  • Carrying tools and components from the tools room.
  • Carrying out other general tasks on a wellhead platform or at drilling site as instructed.
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